Monday, 2 May 2016

Happy Monday All...We ❤️ farms!

What a gorgeous bank holiday weekend! We've been incredibly lucky & had mild, sunny weather over the last three's been bliss. 

Today we decided to don our wellies* and head down to one of our local farms. We're pretty fortunate to have a number of beautiful estates close to home, so we often take a little trip to see the animals and have a walk in the fresh farm air.

This is obviously the perfect time of year to visit your local farm as they are bursting at the seams with divine lambs, kids & piglets. I love lambs & kids but my all time fave is the piglet...I just love these little guys. Their little curly tails, their little snouts snuffling around in the mud, their short little legs dashing about after their mummy (Bluebell to give her her correct title!). Both my girls have joined the piglet crew and were desperate to give them a cuddle... thankfully there was a gate between them or I think my youngest would have been all over them! 

Once we'd exhausted feeding & petting all the animals, we ventured to the playground...the girls dived between swings, slides, riding tractors, racing on the zip wire (the big girl, not my little one!) and running around the sandpit. Despite the woodchip flooring (I swear this stuff is the devil's work), our little lady did pretty well getting around.

The smell of the food being cooked in their cafe was pretty intoxicating...but sadly we didn't try any. Next time though I won't resist. 

All in all, it was a truly lovely way to spend our bank holiday as a family. Plus, it always feels good to support a local business.

Happy Monday All! 

Bibi xx

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*My wellies (magenta field welly) are from Joules . I've just checked online and found them for only £20 on this website - wish I had seen this before I bought mine a few years ago!! My big girl's ones are from Hatley - amazingly comfy, bright and gorgeous :)

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