Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday Favourites...Coffee breaks!

Yea for despite the fact that I'm a SAHM (stay at home mum!) I still get that Friday feeling. One of the main reasons I get it is because it's the one morning a week that I get to myself. My little Bean goes to her child development centre on her own for two hours each week and this means that I get time to hit the shops or do some jobs. 

I never do anything glamorous or particularly exciting but I do grab a cheeky coffee & have a wander round. If I had told myself in my 20s that a solo walk round a supermarket each week would fill me with joy, I would've laughed at myself (or cried at the prospect of what my life was to become!!)...but it really does 😂. It's that sense of freedom that gives me a little lift each week. I simply adore being with my girls but it's definitely therapeutic to spend a little alone time sipping on some coffee and taking the world in, without worrying about any child related crisis!! 

I'm a firm believer these days that simple pleasures are the most valuable and this little coffee cup in my hand symbolises a teeny bit of freedom. It's just an hour or so of peace & quiet to's bliss. By the time it comes to pick up, then I'm dying to go get my girlie. Being greeted with big kisses and cuddles just makes my Friday all the more special. 

So my final thought is this - grab the simple gorgeous moments & enjoy them. They really are wonderful :)

Happy Friday All! 

Bibi xx

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