Friday, 29 April 2016

Friday Favourites...COLOUR!

So apparently "the purest and most thoughtful minds are those that love colour" (according to John Ruskin, an art critic from years & years ago...I only know this thanks to Google). Well, I absolutely do not possess a pure mind, although I hope at least it is thoughtful; but I simply adore colour...the brighter the better & if it clashes then we've pretty much hit the jackpot!

Over the last few years I have become obsessed with bright, bold & brash colours - I basically want everything around me to bring a splash of rainbow. I think my husband is relieved that this passion didn't spring when we were decorating our house four years ago...otherwise I dread to think what I would've done! I seek out anything that is colourful - from utensils to art work*...I might even have bought myself four luminous cleaning cloths this week (I know, ridiculous, but if I've got to clean I might as well be holding something vaguely cheerful - this is what I'm telling myself anyway). 

Our utensils pot and cutlery drawer kind of represent a clown's approach to accessorising & furnishing a home but I am unashamedly proud of my choices ...the husband is pretty good about my love for all things vibrant. I do sometimes wonder what he thinks as he delves in to grab a knife & fork and is greeted with a crazy menagerie of hues, tones & tints! Can I just add that the picture of my cutlery is after a major spring clean…it normally does NOT look like that.

I adore Cath Kidston, so my tableware is a full on chintz overdose, mixed with random coloured cutlery. I can almost see my mum squirm when I hand her a mismatched knife and fork!! But I love it - sitting down to a vivid table, all agleam with oranges, yellows, pinks... perfection. I've now invested in coloured glasses, champagne flutes & everything else you can imagine. Today, I excitedly (yes, I'm embarrassed for myself) bagged a little bargain from Tesco...a pack of 4 plastic garden tumblers for £1.50. Though, I have zero intention of waiting for a sunny day to enjoy these beauts...they are already stashed in the cupboard waiting for the girls to enjoy. 

For me, colour represents feeling - the more sumptuous the tones I am enveloped in, the better I feel and these days I truly believe that you need to do whatever it takes to keep smiling and positive. The more colour I inject into my home, the brighter my soul feels.

Happy Friday and hoorah for the Bank Holiday weekend...yea!

Bibi xx

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*My pictures are from: 

Nick Prints - Beatles, London Rocks & London Calling

Yoni Alter via King & McGaw - London, Paris & Rio

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