Friday, 6 May 2016

Friday Favourites...Black Nail Polish!

After all my talk last week about how I love bright colours, this week might seem a bit hypocritical. But my all time fave nail polish colour is black...I totally adore it and it's pretty much the only colour I will use on my nails (feet and hands!). 

I love when I first paint it on - it's shiny and beautifully dark. It kind of feels a bit rebellious - the sort of thing you would slap on as a teenager back in the 80s/90s!! 

The only issue I have is it chipping all the time because of using baby wipes etc, which lets face it, is not a good look. I've now got 2 different versions...I'm hoping one is going to withstand the nappy changes & day to day grind of mummyhood. 

Something about having my nails painted, a bit like having my hair done, makes me feel like I'm making an effort & lifts my spirits. Every little helps to keep a smile on your face :) 

Happy Friday everyone...enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Bibi xx

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