Monday, 23 May 2016

Happy Monday All...Snacks & Shopping

I've just returned from a rare but successful shopping trip with the dinky one...normally it's a case of racing round as quick as possible, supermarket sweep style grabbing of clothes off the rack, with my inner voice telling me I can return it if it doesn't fit (clearly there's no time for trying on...I'm lucky if I get time to find the right size!!). 

But today was awash with calm serenity - amazing I know. We cruised round the shops - took time finding the little summery bits we needed. I also found these really cool little foldaway shoppers for £1...which I'm in love with & know my eldest will totally adore too.

It was all thanks to an abundance of snacks and goodies I'd prepacked in my bag. It was bliss...the sun was shining, I had coffee in hand, sunnies on my face & the Bean's mouth was full of mini cheddars! Definitely a great way to start the final week of this half term, plus we got a big bag full of cool clothes to enjoy :) 

Happy Monday All! 

Bibi xx

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