Monday, 25 April 2016

Happy Monday All...Random acts of kindness!

One of the most wonderful things you can do for anyone is be kind. As the saying goes, it costs has real power to makes us feel loved & cared for. Today when I arrived home from the school run I found a little posy of tulips on my doorstep. I instantly knew they were from my next door neighbour, as we regularly play flower-tag! We've both had a very tough few years but we've still had to plod on as mums and as women. Whenever there has been a problem we've known that we are only a knock away...this gives me such a sense of wellbeing, it's untrue. I'm a big believer that the simplest thing can make someone happy and feel protected.

I've been lucky to always have a really gorgeous circle of friends - they all bring something unique into my life and I hope I do to theirs. I simply couldn't function without my friends...I never understand women who say 'I don't get on with girls' - I find that totally unfathomable. The women in my life are so wonderful - each and every lady I know is special to me. I love the conversations we have, the laughs, the tears, the nights out, the long lunches (when we actually get the time!!), our moans about family stresses, the times we lean on one another...every ounce of them enriches my life. If you don't 'get on with women' then I urge you to have another go. A female friendship is a wonderful thing. 

Happy Monday!

Bibi xx

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