Monday, 11 April 2016

Happy Monday All!

Since becoming a SAHM I secretly love's normally a quiet day in my house - we get jobs done and generally enjoy the peace after the whirlwind of the weekend. 

I thought I would start a little diary of our week...I will endeavour to include what we do, places we visit and talk about the child development group that we attend. So here is today's xxx

Back to School:

Today marks the end of the Easter Holidays (sob sob) and the start of the summer term (yea!). I adore the holidays with my girls - I love the feeling of having no ties, having long leisurely brekkies & making our own plans without restrictions. My eldest made a list of '10 Spring Things' that she wanted to do over the hols...and we pretty much did them all. It ranged from a PJ day to the beach. It really was a gorgeous two weeks :) 

So when the alarm screamed at me this morning at 6.30am, I felt pretty miserable. Suddenly you're back to the grind...back to school runs, pack lunches, racing around all day trying to get stuff done in time before pick up. My big girl, on the other hand, was thrilled to return to school. She skipped all the way down, eagerly telling me about how excited she was to see her friends and her be honest, as much as I love having her home, I equally love hearing her delight at returning to school. 

Potty Training...aghhhhhh! 

My youngest has been telling me for some time when she has gone to the toilet...she's just over 2.5 and despite her diagnosis, I've always treated her exactly the same as my eldest. I have no idea if that's what I should be doing but it feels right to me, so I'm going with it. I decided this weekend to take the plunge and just start. I'm going to level with you - potty training is my absolute least favourite stage...I know the end goal is amazing - no more nappies (well in the day at least), one less thing to spend my money on & just the awesome sense of achievement that getting your child dry gives you.

So far today it's been one long wee-athon. She has managed to wee everywhere (& I mean everywhere) except the potty. She's a total pro at telling me where she's done a wee but just doesn't seem that bothered to get it in the potty!! I think I need to invest in a whole batch of them to dot around the house to get the odds more in my favour. If anyone has any foolproof tips for me, then please feel free to share...I always welcome comments or tips. I know we'll crack it - fingers crossed over the next few weeks...well, here's hoping anyway. However, this pretty much sums up how I feel this evening!

Wishing everyone a Happy week...may tomorrow bring wee to our potty and not my carpet!! 

Bibi xx

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