Sunday, 27 March 2016


So for some reason, we never seem to get much luck around Easter...someone always seems to fall ill and nothing ever goes entirely to plan. This year my littlest lady came down with a double ear infection...resulting in her needing a hospital trip, antibiotics & a truck load of calpol (can't live without that stuff!!). Thankfully she is truly on the mend & has managed to gobble up plenty of have I.

But with any holiday season, it provokes a tendency to reminisce and I've done my fair share of that today. I've thought about those gorgeous ones who should be here but aren' reminded me, as the weather starts to warm up a little, that soon the roses we planted in memory of my lovely mother & father in law will be in bud & then in full bloom. I simply adore 'their' roses...their strong branches envelop my porch; it feels like their arms wrapping around my house & our family. They welcome every visitor and, although I miss them terribly, their presence feels very real every time I see the pink and white of these beautiful flowers. 

I also thought about how far we've come over the last 12 youngest, was just starting to walk this time last year. Now she's running, jumping, chatting...every day feels like a step forward :) My eldest seems to have grown up so much...the school years are flying by in a flash and I'm trying to savour every moment I get with her. Like this evening, we watched 'Inside Out', while she brushed my hair and attempted all sorts of crazy styles! Rare little moments just the two of us are so precious. Looking back reminds me what we've overcome - the triumphs and the lessons. Each and every one is important to me. 

So, from my family to yours - I hope your Easter weekend has been full of fun, chocolate & memories past and new. 

Bibi xx

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